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Whipple Free Library Seed Library

Welcome to the Whipple Free Seed Library!

This is a lending library of seeds.

You may borrow the seeds to grow your plants.

Please return some seeds from the plants to this library at the end of the growing season.

This will help keep the seed library “growing” for many years for everyone to enjoy.

Please remember to “sign out” the seeds you borrow on the sign out list provided.

Special thanks to  Live Bee or Die Farm and Grasshoppers for donating seeds to get us started.


Whipple Free Seed Library Guidelines


  • Only take a few seeds to try a variety.

  • If you do not have an envelope, please feel free to use our empty envelopes but don’t forget to label. Hint: Take a picture of the seed packet.

  • When you return seeds, please label with variety, date of harvest and whether or not treated with organic growing practices or not.

  • Know your site. Don’t take seeds that need full sun if you have a shady area. They will not grow.

  • Feel free to share your own seeds here! Please, nothing more than 3 years old.

  • Please do not share seeds that are Genetically Engineered (GE). These are engineered in a laboratory and do no occur in nature.

  • Open pollenated or heirloom seeds grown with organic methods are BEST!

  • Remember this is a Seed Library and you are “borrowing” seeds. Let one or two of your plants go to seed and return seeds at the end of the year (if plants are biennial like kale, then return seeds the following spring.)

  • If you are unable to return seeds of the variety you borrowed, that’s alright. Sometimes growing does not work out as we plan! In the alternative, please consider donating a seed packet you have purchased.

  • Do not share plant seeds from invasive species.

  • Remember to sign out your seeds from the sign out list provided.


Info on type of seeds we are looking for

How to Save Seeds

Seed Saving Chart

Saving Seeds Graphic Courtesy of Weare Garden Club


Happy gardening!