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Whipple Free Library Foundation

The Whipple Free Library Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) organization that was originally formed to raise private funds for the building of the current Whipple Free Library. The purpose of the Foundation now is to fund the capital needs of the Library to ensure that all patrons have access to information and that the library has the infrastructure to serve its patrons in the best ways possible.

Recent examples of items funded by the foundation are:

*A larger book drop with a separate place for videos
*Black out shades in the Russell Room for daytime media use
*Additional shelving for Teen Area and DVDs
*New Technology Upgrades

Your tax free donation to the Foundation will ensure that your gift to the library will be used to enhance the learning and community experiences of New Boston citizens.

For more information regarding the Foundation and Gift Giving:

Dan Rothman, Treasurer

Whipple Free Library Foundation
c/o Whipple Free Library
PO Box 237
New Boston, NH 03070