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How do I get a library card?

All New Boston residents can receive a free library card.  We do require proof of residency.  A valid NH license is preferred, utility book, car registration and other documents are acceptable.  All residents of New Boston can receive a card at no charge. Children can get a card once they are in first grade.  Anyone who works in New Boston can also apply for a library card.

Non-residents can purchase a non-resident card for $25 to be renewed annually.  This card has the same privledges as our regular cards.


Why does my library card expire?

Currently, resident cards epxire every 3 years.  This happens to ensure we have your correct contact information and to make sure you are still a resident. 


Printing Costs?

15¢ per black & white sheet; 45¢ per color.

We now offer wireless printing, only in black and white. You just need to connect to our WiFi. 


Do you have a Fax?

We do! Fax: $1 per page. No charge for a cover sheet


Can I use a computer?

The library has six public computers available for anyone to use as well as 2 in-house laptops. You don't need to have a library card to use our computers.


Does the library have Wifi? 

Yes! There is no password. It even works in our parking lot. 


Does the Library take electronic payments?
We not offer payments (for amounts over $5) via Square.  You can use your card at the library or at home while logged into your account. There is a nominal fee for using a card.


How do I register for a program?

Stop by or email our adult programming or youth services librarians. 


Can I get tech help?

If you need help with a device or anything technology-related, feel free to ask at the desk, send us an email (, or give us a call (487-3391). You may also ask to set up an appointment with a librarian and we’ll do our best to help.


How do I place requests online?  What if what I want isn't in the catalog?

Go to the library catalog and sign in. You should be able to search for a book and click on "reserve this title".

If we don't own it, you can request it via interlibrary loan. Please click here to email our ILL librarian. 


Can I renew books online?

Yes, you can log into your account (your password is your seven digit phone number including the hyphen).


How do I download ebooks?

We offer two services.  Libby (OverDrive) and Hoopla. 


Choose our library from the drop-down under sign in and enter your library card number and password. (Your password is your seven digit phone number including the hyphen)

For Hoopla, you need to create an account the first time with an email address. You will need you library card number to do this. 


What is my PIN or password?

Your password/PIN is your seven digit phone number including the hyphen. You can change this once you log into your account.  We cannot change it for you, but we can set it back to the default phone number if needed.


Do you have largeprint books?

We have some but, the New Hampshire State Library has recently expanded their Large Print Book Collection.

Talking Books, part of the New Hampshire State Library, has purchased a new collection of circulating large print titles with ARPA funds that libraries can request via ILL. Please call us for assistance. 

The NH State Library also has a department called The Talking Books Program.

The Talking Books Program exists to meet the reading needs and interests of New Hampshire residents who are physically unable to see, handle or process printed material comfortably. Click here for more information and to download an application. 


Can I reserve a meeting room?

Yes, please visit this page for the procedure.


How many items can I check out?

This is up to your discretion. We may set limits on displays or special projects so ensure everyone can enjoy them.


Does the library charge overdue fees?

Not anymore! We did away with movie fines after Covid. The only items we charge a fee if it is late are for things like our telescope and museum passes. 


How do I borrow a museum pass?

Each pass is a little different. You can reserve all of them by calling, stopping by, or emailing us. Some of them require a ticket you need to bring with you, a couple have something you return to use later, and most you get a sheet of paper to hand in at the museum. Take a look at our current offerings here


If you have a question that is not on this list, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.